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Muuaaa Spaces is the architecture division of Muuaaa Design. We design spaces from retail to the hospitality sector all focused in bringing your brand to the architectural experience.

Muuaaa Spaces

Our design emerges out of  a desire for innovation that responds to the ever changing world. By combining branding and architecture, we create evocative spaces that prompt and recall the brand and retail experience. We design unique concepts for the commercial, hospitality, and retail sector. 

Our services are mainly focused on: Exhibition/Booth Design, Commercial Architecture, Restaurant Design, Hospitality Design, Retail Design, and Interior Design.

Avilés Auto

Avilés Auto is a used car dealership in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Our goal was to design the Dealer of the Future. Used car dealers are typically big, open spaces with cars parked all over and a roof with the administrative offices. For Avilés Auto’s design, we decided to break this mold. We created a plaza in the middle of the dealer to showcase the cars. Creating a 60-foot long space without any columns was the biggest challenge in creating this plaza.

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Global Mattress

Global Mattress is a chain of mattress stores in Puerto Rico and parts of Florida. We were asked to rebrand the company and redesign the stores. The stores have an area of 2,500 - 4,000 sq ft. Our goal was to completely change the experience of buying a mattress. Typically, mattress stores are big, open spaces with all of the mattresses crammed together, little information, and a very commercial feel to them. Our new Global Mattress designed stores have a distinct character, makes customers feel at home and invites them to try the products.

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