Global Mattress

The design concept for Global Mattress was to showcase the mattresses in a different, and better, way. Not only in where they are located in the store, but in the buying experience as a whole. The help guides the customers through the store we designed, and placed, furniture in strategic spots of the store. The mattresses are grouped and each group sits in a different part of the store with a unique environment. The idea is to have customers walkthrough, and experience, all of the different mattress groups and store environments.

When designing the new Global Mattress stores, it was imperative that they felt like an extension and representation of their new brand. We designed a kit of brand elements, featuring the counter in the form of Global’s G, the information booths, and the big pavilion that ties all of the elements together. These elements all sit at the entrance of every Global Mattress store to showcase the brand from the beginning. Red and white, which are Global Mattress’s brand colors, are prominently featured throughout the entire store. After a customer leaves the store it will have had the entire Global Mattress experience.