Avilés Auto 'The Dealer of the Future'

The Avilés Auto project presented unique challenges because it took place right after Hurricane Maria and we had limited space. Avilés Auto is 4,000 sq ft. and has two levels. The project had a budget of $800,000. This forced us to take into account the materials we used and how we used them. Materials were a crucial component of this design because they are all very industrial. We used exposed concrete, structural steel, crystal, and perforated metal for the facade, which creates visibility to the outside. These are all materials that are used in the industrial production of cars. We wanted Avilés Auto to have a car production feel to it.

The Avilés brand is integrated into the Avilés Auto’s experience. The tones of blue are displayed in the facade and the handlebars inside. The Avilés logo is featured in the building facade that faces the street. The concrete elements in the facade are organized in a way that resembles the lines found in Avilés’s logo.